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Old 08-20-2018, 11:05 AM
irbnick irbnick 目前離線
ZEOhead in Training
Join Date: Aug 2018
Location: Indian Rocks Beach, FL
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Arrow Back in the hobby after 10 years - ZvsT

(Let me start with this is my opinion and my experience - Others may have been more successful than I with the same equipment)

So I decided to get back into the hobby after 10 years and so much has changed. I figured I would start small and build back into new systems. When I started back I had the Evo 13.5 Nano and I really didn't like it, it was much more work and if I wanted to really grow anything the lighting wasn't great.

I was already to go down the Triton path because no water changes sounds appealing.

For Fathers Day my wife got me a Biocube 32 and thus I started on this mission. Might be overkill for my BioCube 32, but I just purchased a Trigger Triton34 Sump, Apex COR 15 Return, AI Prime Light for Refugium, and AquaMaxx ConeS B240 Skimmer. I got Two APEX DOS systems for the dosing and everything is set to be automated. I again understand that I'm going way overboard on equipment. It's not that money is no object, but I prefer to spend a little more on high quality.

So far many Zoa's and some clowns, a few mushrooms that are all doing well. I do fight phosphates from time to time and I have worked though all my water sources, and between that and some PHOSGUARD in the chamber as well as GFO reactor it seems to under control.

Then I when to buy Triton Core 7 and I can't find it anywhere. Basically in talking to several people there was supply chain issues as well as their new packaging has caused other issues. I'm sure they will get them worked out - I know change in business and shipping overseas creates many challenges.

I started down the path of research into people moving their tanks off due to the supply issues and various other reasons. I found out about Zeovit through research and a few friends. I didn't know much about it, but I love the results I see. Being fairly new to the hobby again - I just wanted to ask some of those that are in similar situations what did you find moving to Zeovit? have you tried Triton and moved? (I don't care about bashing products only facts and experiences.)

I understand that Zeovit is more of a nutrient control system and Triton is more of an ALK based system. I'm looking for

I looked at some of the automatic reactors and have one with the Zeovit starter kit in my cart right now. I just wanted to get some feedback from this community as I heard this is one of the major benefits of going down this path, the community is helpful as well as great at answering new peoples questions.

Thanks again!
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Old 08-21-2018, 03:04 AM
G.Alexander's Avatar
G.Alexander G.Alexander 目前離線
Join Date: Jan 2005
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Hi irbnick

ZeoVit is a system to control nutrients and adding elements to nourish corals to jmprove coloration, growth and health.

The system is mostly used by people keeping SPS corals but other corals are usually also doing fine in such a system.

Not sure if you plan to keep SPS corals in the future but if so we can workout a step by step guide to start with the system if you like to. Just post some more details about your new system:


If you like to get 100% out of the system a lot of attention is necessary while observing the corals but it is not really different from other systems. Stabile water parameters and a healthy biology are some of the core components of the system.

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