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Old 06-07-2019, 11:12 PM
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G.Alexander G.Alexander ¥Ø«eÂ÷½u
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If you plan to redo the 14 day cycle you need to make sure to temporary remove the animals for about 10 days but I am not sure if this does really fix the problem.

The high NO3 level after such a long time is unusual, also from the picture the rocks do look to “new” after the time they are in the water.

One thing I would recommend to change is to replace the green hoses with silicon hoses as the green ones does leach softeners in saltwater, same with every other kind of hoses you might use which are not shown on the picture.

In the next step add one fish and if possible replace one or two pieces of the rocks you have dried out with fresh live rock or with rock from a nutrient poor system.

Dose basic then as follows for 3 – 4 weeks:

ZeoBac – 1 drop every other day
ZeoStart – 0.05 ml 2 x daily
SpongePower – 1 drop every other day

BioMate – 1 drop daily

Adjust your skimmer to skim wet and clean it daily to export as much as possible. The skimmer should start to skim after adding the fish, if not please make sure there is not a problem with the skimmer.

After that I would expect that NO3 will come down slowly, continue doing 15 – 20% water changes weekly.

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