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Sponge power
Intended use: increase sponge growth
Positive results: enhance coral growth, increase tissue, increase sponge growth

Live rock
It is very important to use a fresh and bright live rock. 10% of the tank's contents are brought in by the live rock in the tank, and the next one is the sand bed.

Intended use: Increase the growth of corals and bacteria.
Positive results: reduced nitrate and nitrite

Zeo Food7 - Carbon Source with Amino Acid,(also has the ability to reduce phosphate)

Zeo SP - Also the ability to metabolize

Zeo Start3 - ZeoStart helps to breed nitrifying bacteria that basically "eat" phosphate and nitrate. Zeostart works with zeobak (bacterial food/microorganisms) and zeobak is used with zeolites.

Zeovit is a system that combines bacterial sources to help get rid of excess nutrients in the system

Then for the new phase of the cycle, the amino acid is not necessary

Food7 can be retained after the low malnutrition water quality

Zeo's basic product 4 reduces nutrition in a balanced manner, and each performs its own role/complement.

It should be like this, personal statement / idea

Also (sorry, exaggeration). Phosphate is closer to zero and stable, and it does bring more benefits to coral growth/health/polyp expansion/PE extension/element consumption.

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