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Originally Posted by jacky View Post
Corals definitely get a more comfortable environment

In this picture (the coral above), this means that the nutrient salt is not low, usually low malnutrition water quality, this coral is pale red

In this picture (picture below), mud algae, Cyanobacteria, which usually also means a lot of nutrients, such as amino acids / trace complex elements, excess / system can not be processed / bacteria thin

When the picture is like this, I believe that the coral tissue should not be so bright, we should solve this problem first. If we add more nutrients and elements, it will be worse.

Changing the water to refresh the balance and slowing down the pressure on the coral is good if you have Zeo Coral Snow and Bac
Daily dose - Coral Snow 12ml + Zeo Bac 3 drops

Check if the quality of Ro/di water is good, and change the water, you can do 5%~10%, in 10 days, 3 times

At the same time adjust the skimmer wet, siphon Cyano, toothbrush tools and more for cleaning help, increase the power flow of the power head, do everything output

Also check if the ZeoVit reactor flow is at an appropriate level

And replace the activated carbon, (Zeo's activated carbon is recommended)

When you do this, you only need to add Zeo Bac, start3, SP, and the rest of the nutritional additives and coloring elements are not currently required.

Maintain elemental levels as much as possible, kh, Ca, Mg, K+, maintain levels

Let the corals get a comfortable environment and grow

When malnourished water quality is stable with stable water parameters, you can find that corals have polyp expansion, good pe, light tissue, and KH, CA consumption

Too high PO4 poses a hindrance to coral growth calcification. When corals get food/element resources such as full/overload nutrition, zooxanthella becomes thicker.

In fact, it does not completely stop the addition of nutrition, depending on how you control it.

It may be like this, I don't have a good experience.

i am not using any zeovit reactor.

I amusing only the product i mention, is just partial zeovit.

Unfortunately Coral snow was no more in stock in Malaysia as the Malaysia lfs said zeovit did not supply them with coral snow even they order.

Yes i maintain my mag and cal level at 1450 and 420. as for the kh i am using khg for auto dosing to maintaine my kh at 8.0

I am using a 7 stage rodi unit, i have calibrate my rodi tds meter it show tds after ro unit is 2 tds and after di is 0 tds. i think my water should be fine.

i like a ticker color for my sps it look nicer.

thank you fro your help.
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