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Thank you, the picture shows very blue, maybe it may just be the display of the picture.

Replace ZeoVit material for the first time, retain old 10% ZeoVit, replace with new 90% ZeoVit material。 (Maybe, I am always wrong.)

After each change of ZeoVit material, Zeo Bac x10 days, no longer a single addition. After about 2 weeks, if the coral is healthy, switch continuous flow. Low nutrient levels, potassium to 380 mg.

Still keep Zeo Start 0.5ml x2 early/night, ZeoSpongePower 5 drops every other day.

If you prefer, we can also try to drop the Zeo Bac and Zeo Start pharmacy in front of the reactor inlet.

Adjust the Skimmer to wet and clean the collection cup as much as possible to make it more exportable
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