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Hello, tank time is about 3 weeks. This is normal. As long as you follow the recommendations of G., you can usually reduce the nutrition of the water. You should not reduce the flow of the zeolite reactor, usually 400 liters per hour, and it should be continuous flow. G. The dose given is to help you lower the PO4. Of course if you prefer Normal Coral Snow 1ml=100L 2 times a week is very good, and adjust the skimmer wet if you have used the sand siphon to vacuum. It is also good if you are willing to add some functional animals.

When the water quality of PO4 reaches the standard, the coral tissue will start to become lighter. Please also note that the reduction rate of PO4 should not be too fast or use other methods, which may put pressure on the coral. Also note the appropriate level of K+ levels of 380 mg and Kh mg ca.

When the water quality is low in malnutrition, the coral tissue becomes lighter, and good PE and polyps grow. This is the second stage of "feeding".
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