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Thanks for the picture, my idea is to get a higher level PO4 tester. There are more corals (deep tissue corals), upper corals (dark green), algae, and green algae on the foundation. Water quality (NP, organic matter) may need to be upgraded.

Or maybe ceramic or other reasons, leading to

Because I don't fully understand your tank, if it is me, I will try to change the elements with a small amount of water, balance the way, with Zeo CS, and reduce the addition of 1/2 nutrient, check the flow of Zeo zeolite and the use of Kz basic products. Go to adjust.

Fully improve the situation, keep the water inline including potassium, and then consider the color of the coral

If you are using Zeo AA, Food7 lets us stop adding, or reduce 1/2
Make sure Ro water Tds=0, then start reducing nutrition from the first paragraph of the Zeovit system.

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