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Blackizzz's explanation is great, for the beginning of the newly established tank to increase the growth of the sponge growth filter system. Especially in systems with live rock, it is more helpful. Supports growth and water cleaning character of sponges, clams and sea squirt, so water quality is improved significantly. Enhances purple color of SPS.

Starting on day 14:

ZeoBac 1 drop / 100 liters / 25 US gallons 2-3 times a week
Sponge powder 1 drop / 100 liters / 25 US gallons
ZeoStart 0.1 ml / 100 liters / 25 US gallons 2 x daily

The dose needs to be adjusted according to the general appearance of the tank, parameters or corals.

Common and long-term usage with the ZEOvitSystem , 1drop / 100 L every other day

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