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Hello owk688, I offer my thoughts and suggestions

9. What is your actual Ca, Alk and Mg content?
ALK = 8.0 - 8.5 DKH / MG 1425 / CA 418
(low nutrient water quality, suitable for parameters - Alk 6.5~7.5 Ca 400~420 Mg 1200~1300, high nutrient water parameters do not seem to help much in color, but instead Corals bring some pressure)

18. Any existing issues
18-1, Lawn algae
18-2, Some colors of sps do not meet
18-3, expectations
Sps tissue light color
18-1 ( After consumption, such as nutrients - organic matter, NP has been solved, and then the remaining organic matter (Zeo Coral Snow is very good)
18-2 & 18-3 ( With low dystrophic stability, potassium seems to be a very important element, K~+380 - 400 mg, Potassium = Zeo Kb, Kb stronge, please increase the value of the element slowly, not too fast, causing coral pressure, Potassium I observed the result - pale corals bring vitality, coral health, tissue and polyp growth, and red green blue help)

19. Description of the problem (organizational loss tips, tissue loss basis, algae, algae, etc.)
Sps tissue light color
B-Balance: 3 ml per day (Zeo BB has slow tissue lighting effect to reduce tissue)
AcroGlow: 3 drops a day (I don't have product experience, but I understand its function, it has a role in alleviating coral tissue in some corals)

Water purification (including oil sump, etc.) -
= about 450 liters (I didn't see the problem from your dosing plan, maybe a slight increase in the dose of "nutrition supplement" might be good)

I am looking for the following product doses:
1.Trace element complex
2. Integration of seawater complexes
3. Coral booster
( Items 1 and 2, I have no product experience, Booster should be helpful. My feeling of using the product is that the coral grows healthily, the tissue polyps deepen, the low malnutrition is added well, and the excessive signs - algae growth)

* In addition, I would recommend another product, Zeo Iodine. ( Coral tissue deepens, polyps grow, blue helps, signs of overdose - algae, coral tissue dark )

Booster regular dose - 1ml = 100L = 25 US gallons
Suggestions Add 2 times a week to observe all changes
Usually, my use is that Booster is mixed with Flat worm stop for 5 minutes. After 10 minutes, Zeo CV works well and coral growth is particularly strong.
Of course, a single use of Zeo Booster can also

What can I do to increase the organization and color of sps?
I have some problems with red sps.
(The answer above would like you to like, red-potassium and BB, usually in low-nutrition stable water quality, should be pink instead of deep red. Maybe the tube spectrum also has an effect but this is beyond my ability.)

I don't know much about your coral description, maybe it would be better to get a picture.

In addition, it may also be caused by the improper use of ZeoVit or activated carbon.

The above is not completely correct, I hope to help you.

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