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I've been using the KZ carbon per the recommendation. I decided to remove the carbon since it was due to be changed. I removed it for a week and saw improvements in colors and overall health. I have since put it back at half the suggested quantity and have already seen some issues start to come back. I am thinking of reducing it even further.

I have reduced the zeobak doses to half the regular amount to some positive effect. I am able to maintain very low, near undetectable nitrate this way which seems to significantly improve color.

I also did a deep cleaning of the sand and rocks to try to remove any stored phosphate to help remedy the hair algae problem, which isn't gone but has improved.

Full tank pic below. I seriously need to re-aquascape this mess. I have sort of gone a bit overboard with the acros. You can see the hair algae that remains and a couple of pieces that are still on the mend from my previous (pre-zeo) nutrient problem.

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