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I think as you have removed all sand and rocks you have created a huge impact to systems biology even if you have left back the marine pure block. Looks like you added your fish again immediately after the cleaning procedure so there was not much of biology which get rid of nutrients caused by the fish. ZeoVit is a bacterial driven system which needs time to work effective to process nutrients so this might be the explanation for the increase of PO4.

I would recommend you to continue as follows:

Run 1.1 liters ZeoVit with a constant water flow of ~ 120 US gallons per hour through the reactor, replace 90% of the material every 6 weeks.
Run 0.5 liters activated carbon in a mash bag passively flown in the sump, repalce it every 4 weeks.
Dose 5 drops ZeoBac daily for 10 days after each ZeoVit exchange, otherwise 5 drops 2 – 3 x weekly.
Dose 0.5 ml ZeoStart 2 x daily (0.5 ml in the morning and 0.5 ml in the evening).
Dose 5 drops ZeoFood 2 – 3 x weekly.

Adjust your skimmer to skim more wet, clean it daily to export as much as possible.

To improve biology it might also be helpful to add a couple of pieces fresh good quality live rock to the system.

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