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To be honest, my test kits are usually consumed very quickly. I often test the water quality to make the water parameters stable. This is also the most recent I found that Kh Ca is consumed in the tank. Usually I have 2 potassium test kits. As long as I find that the readings are abnormal, I will test them again carefully (completely in accordance with the manual, for example: some reagents do not shake or wait for 30 seconds, I will fully comply with some details.

Do it again, if the reading is abnormal, I will do it again. If the reading is abnormal, I will use the new test kit to test again (cross comparison). At this time, if the readings are really similar (I will not suspect the reading) , is true), if the readings are different (then it may be that the original test package is abnormal, or the method or which side has an error.

After adding the enhancer, the next day I will use the original test kit to observe the reading, because usually my dose is improved, I have a rough record, it will not be too different.

Once my tactics are fixed, I will know the current level of tank. When I test the element level occasionally, I will test it again at the correct level, but the coral will grow, or I need to test them and make adjustments.

This is my technique,and I almost encounter an abnormal reading, really few

In the picture, the potassium test package, which is used by me (often tested, I will naturally understand)
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