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I see it like MohReef, three weeks is just to short to expect a nutrient reduction plus the remove of the algae filter which has controlled your nutrients before all at once while starting with ZeoVit.

Basically for your system size I would continue as follows:

ZeoVit – 3.5 liters, water flow ~ 380 US gallons per hour – 3 hour on / off interval for the first 4 – 6 weeks.

ZeoBac – 14 drops 2 – 3 x weekly
ZeoStart – 1.4 ml 2 x daily
SpongePower – 14 drops every other day
BioMate – 14 drops every other day for 2 weeks, than 2 x weekly

Make sure to monitor nutrients while doing the changes and if they do decrease to quick reduce the water flow through the ZeoVit reactor. Alternatively you can also start with a lower flow and increase it slowly step by step.

Please also keep the K+ level ~ 380 mg.

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