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Old 01-15-2017, 02:43 PM
Dzeo Dzeo 目前線上
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Default My tank spec

Hi here's my spec
1.gross water volume 170ltr
2.net water volume estimate 120-130ltr
3.no calcium realtor
4.no po4 reactor
5.no ozone
6.no uv
7.using deltec sc1351 skimmer
8.po4 is 0 no3 is 2
9.ca is 450 mg is 1480 all is 7.7dkh
10.filtration is skimming and filter sock
11.lighting is a kessil160we
12.1 small tourch coral
13.tissue colour seems ok
14.tank was running 6months but under gin rapid changes last 2months in preparation for zeovit
15.i want to use zeovit as I have run normal reef tanks in past with refugium etc but find colours not always great and always run into nutrient issues.and zeovit corals look amazing!!
16.no supplements being dosed
17.i have around 30-40kg live rock
18.had dinos nov2016.managed to eradicate by scrubbing rocks syponing sand everyday and water changes every day.not seen any since!
19.only problems are micro bubbles,I believe it is due to the skimmer not being able to hold foam at the moment,I think it is due to the clean water I have turned the skimmer down.also I used to have like rock in sump and now only have zeovit reactor and skimmer,so there is less of a buffer between return pump
20.test kits are Red Sea apart from po4 is salifert
21.start dose of 250g of zeolite 5ml of zeobak 10ml of zeostart3
2day break
Then dose as bottles say,1drop zeo bak 2xweek zeostart 0.20ml daily
Please advise me correct dosing if this dosing is wrong
22.salinity is 0.025 or 35ppt temp 25c
23.i was using redsea coral pro(black bucket)but over last few months been using redsea blue bucket to get more to nsw in preparation for zeovit

Thanks for taking a lookwould be great if you could advise on dosing measurements and schedule and any other thing which you recommend

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