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Old 07-17-2017, 03:27 AM
arringar arringar 目前線上
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Default Converting established tank to Zeovit

I am noticing some of my blue corals and purple corals turning green. Acros and montis alike.

Iron is quite low according to my Red Sea iron test kit, which in my opinion suggests a very high iron level of 0.15ppm is normal and it clearly isn't.

Sadly the GHA is still not being affected by the now undetectable nitrate and phosphate after weeks of these low levels. Obviously it is leaching from the rock which doesn't surprise me. This rock came from a previous system that was fish only and had 40-80 ppm nitrate for some time. I have ordered two Sea Hares and added a foxface lo to help with this issue.

On a separate issue, I am struggling to keep the alkalinity stable because the alk usage keeps increasing while calcium is barely being used.

I am dosing 17.5ml of b-ionic alk supplement per day while only dosing 6ml of calcium. I am new to dosing 2 part in this manner as I've always used kalkwasser or dosed 2 part manually without putting too much thought into dosage amounts. Does this seem abnormally out of balance?
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