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Ghiaccio1o 11-16-2017 03:04 PM

Settin up a nano tank whit zeovit...how much flow?
Hello, newbie here to the forum, and to zeovit in general.
I was planning to set up a small tank (60-70 L net volume)...as an AIO system or whit HOB equipment.
Of course the amount of products can be easily partitioned, as per zeovit instruction...water flow management will be more tough!
Does the flow have to be adjusted to the water volume or not?
I' was thinking to hold the zeolite either inside a media basket in one of the back chambers, or inside an internal/hob filter. This way the stones would be easy to shake, but the flow will always be around 300 L/hr...
Any advice will be really helpfull,


FraysReef 11-16-2017 05:43 PM

Although your flow is high it will not be a precise over the zeolites as a reactor this will counter the problems associated with fast flow. Take a look into this video I have linked a few members who are setting up nanos, it is 100% possible you just increase the attention to detail with dosing. Take a look into the Innovative marine media filter aswel this has been used to house zeolites aswel by many.


G.Alexander 11-17-2017 11:18 PM

If you run the ZeoVit material in some kind of a tube or a filter flow should be adopted to the used zeovit quantity so for each 1 liter zeovit a maximum of 400 liters per hour. If you place the material in a basket hanging it in the sump flow is not that problematic as the water will not be active pressed through the material like a pump does. Personally I would give you the recommendation to use anything like a reactor with the recommended flow as the nutrient processing will be much more effective.


Ghiaccio1o 11-18-2017 03:27 AM

Thank you guys. I think i will go for an AIO tank....so zeolite either in a loose mesh bag or in a dedicated chamber/tube whit adjusted flow. Cool, some more stuff to DIY!! :thumbsup:

G.Alexander 11-18-2017 10:36 PM

You might find some ideas in this thread for a reactor:



Ghiaccio1o 11-23-2017 07:07 AM

Thank you...really nice reading, too bad most pics on that thread gone missing! I will post mine too...

Since you are so kind i have another question regarding setting up a new tank:

When cycling and following the 14 days protocol, but using dry rocks...is dosing sponge power necessary? if so, why?

G.Alexander 11-24-2017 02:54 AM

The cycling procedure is the same with dry rocks, the cycle just takes much more time.

SpongePower does have a positive side effect to the biology which is the reason why we use it for the cycle, it does not have much to do with sponge in such a situation.


Ghiaccio1o 08-30-2018 04:20 PM

5 Attachment(s)
After a iatus i'm finally rebooting this project...
Since i've finished building my DIY zeolite reactor, i've tought to share some pics...
The build is really cheap, using only some draining pipes and some pvc. The inner plate was built using some scrap 5mm acrylic.
Since the tank will be an AIO system and space is limited, i'm gonna feed the unit whit the main circulation pump, via a splitter.

Net water volume will be around 64L...so if i'm correct i'll need around 0,16L of zeolite, whit a flow of 32-64 L/Hr
I've made some test whit spare pumps to measure the actual flow through reactor...
Sicce Syncra Nano >>>> 24L/Hr
Newa Mini 606 >>>>> 30L/Hr
Newa MaxiJet 750 >>> 39L/Hr

First two are a bit on the weak side but they fit nicely into the tank...hope the flow would be enough!

G.Alexander 08-31-2018 02:13 AM

You are right, 160 ml ZeoVit material is the right amount for your system size, reactor flow should be ~ 64 liters per hour.


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